Intuitive skateboard

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

23 November 2021

Onewheel skateboard is a board designed not only for lovers of skateboarding, but also for all lovers of surfing and snowboarding. Riding on it is more like snowboarding or surfing. Why?

This amazing invention has not four, but only one wheel. Movements that we perform while driving on onewheel, have more in common with a snowboarding or surfing, than with classical skateboarding. Here everything depends on the balance.

Another phenomenon of this equipment is its electrical system. It, by reading the movements of the body, causes board to go slower or faster. Riding on this unusual skateboard therefore depends not on the strength of the muscles in our legs, but on the skills of maintaining and controlling the balance.

If you want to speed up – just gently tip forward. But if you want to slow down or stop- just lean back. Skateboard consist of a wheel, solid, aluminium construction and a wooden board on which you stand.

Although skateboard will not get dizzying speed (the maximum speed at which you can go on onewheel is 12 kilometers per hour), but it is not about the speed. This one-wheel, intuitive skateboard is extremely manoeuvrable. You can ride on it almost everywhere. The flat surface is all you need.

Onewheel has technologically advanced system of sensors, built in, that works with the engine and 48v lithium battery. The charge takes less than 30 minutes.

Do you already feel like having fun?