Iguaneye for summer

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

8 April 2018

Minimalistic Iguaneye sneakers were made, so you can walk almost barefoot in summer. Thanks to its unique construction, it allows for a physical activity. Without a compromise, bad scent and chafes.

Favorite holiday shoes, flip-flops, theyre not ergonomic. They make movement harder, instead of giving an ease and freedom. For those, who expect a much more from gentle, holiday shoes, Iguaneye were made. Shape of Iguaneye have been made, to fit perfectly to contours of your feet. In contrary to flip-flops, which its part separates a fingers, is 1 cm earlier, and as a result of that it wont make a discomfort during walking. Is as its a second skin, Iguaneye perfectly fit to skin in every situation and wont make any irritation. Material, from which its main part is made of, is natural, hypo-allergic, soft and very elastic. Its also 100% useful for recycling.

Main part of this shoe, consist an exchangeable and ventilated insert. Its made of 99% cork, and 1% of natural latex. Insert is covered with natural skin layer. Thanks to this materials, shoes proves a hygiene and comfort. Cork works as a natural anti-bacterial material, which prevents from appearing a bad scent of feet. Inserts and made by hand, in Portugal.

Iguaneye have a special ventilation, consisting of six holes and series of channels, which allow an inflow of fresh air to a feet. Thanks to this, wetness is stopped by cork and push back through canals in a fixed fashion outside the shoe. Thanks to its ventilation, a feel of freshness reinforces an impression, that you have nothing on you. Its like you almost walk barefoot.