Blue Lagoon

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

14 March 2022

Hot springs, breathtaking views, massages, relax – all that is awaiting you at a SPA centre called "Blue Lagoon" in Iceland. The name of the place is probably deliberately chosen to remind you a film under the same title made some years ago as while looking at this amazing place, one has an undying impression of visiting Paradise.

This incredible block is located in Grindavik city, in Iceland, 47 km from Reykjavik and is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest attractions of Iceland and one of the best SPA centres all over the world. A soothing bath in thermal springs is not only very pleasant but also very healthy.

Water, rich in minerals is partly delivered to " Blue Lagoon" from geometric power plant Svartsengi; its overwhelming exceptional colour and milk-like translucence of the water is a result of siliceous mud content.

Siliceous mud bath in thermal waters of "Blue Lagoon" combines what is pleasant with profitable for your body as the mud has scrubbing and smoothening qualities, it contains natural minerals, algae, and silica which are all famous for healing, revitalising and beautifying features. Single entrance ticket is €35, but there are many more exclusive and more expensive options of spending your leisure time in this out-of-this-world place. A wide range of divers beauty treatments are also available, you can also purchase different siliceous mud beauty products.