I’m green

Text and photos: Mariola Weindich-Mašek

14 August 2021

When the view outside the window is becoming greener – our mood is better at once. When green colour appears at our table, it means only one thing – more health. Vegetable are very important element of our daily diet. Unfortunately, not each of them is tasty, and sometimes we have a situation that we dont know how to serve them. Vegetable cocktails are spring hit. Specially the green one. Their whole secret is in components and their combination. Vegetable cocktails have detoxicating and energizing effects, there are also unfailing in a fight against bacterias and free-radicals.

Our recipe for one of many green cocktails? It will be energizing one, parsley-lemon cocktail with addition of warming ginger. In this recipe the main component is parsley. We all know it, but whether so good ? Parsley is rich in A,C vitamins, minerals and iron. Vitamins and minerals contained in it have positive effect on blood circulation. Parsley has antiseptic effects, it reinforce heart and bones, reducts inflammation. It reinforce immunological system. Unfortunately – its underestimated by us. So lets get down to business – try it in cocktail form.

· one small parsley
· one teaspoon of honey
· ½ of lemon
· 2-5 slices of ginger
· 250 ml of mineral water
· 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil

We chop parsley, pill the lemon and cut it into smaller pieces. We mix parsley, lemon, ginger, honey and olive oil. We add mineral water and mix it once again. We spill it through sieve to the glass and ... drink it!

If you cant convince yourself to blended parsley, salad or brussel sprout - you can try another recipe for vegetable cocktail. Possibilities are wide. As many colours as many choices – the most important thing is to prepare your cocktail in person, form fresh fruits and vegetables. Because that what is natural is always the best!