House in a cliff

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

27 March 2023

If any of you is a lover of coastal views, he will be probably delighted with the project of Australian architectural studio.
Architects from Modscape have recently presented an innovative design of a house located in the steep cliff. This idea is a response to the strong interest in building houses at very difficult plots located on rocky cliffs in Australia.

The house concept is modular, since the house should not be located on a cliff, but it should become an integral part of it, a kind of extension of the cliff. The entire construction is made up of 5 modules which will be anchored to the cliff using steel "pins".

The entrance to the house is located at the top, where there is also a garage for two cars. To get to other rooms you have to use the elevator. On the fourth floor, there are such spaces as the living room, kitchen and dining room; on the third level there are two bedrooms and the toilet. On the floor below, we may find the bedroom with the bathroom. The lowest level 1 is designed for BBQ and SPA.

The interior of the whole house is designed minimalistic, so as not to disturb the most beautiful thing – the ubiquitous ocean view.