Hotel in trees

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

10 April 2023

Leisure right in the middle of the forest? While going to Nałęczów we do not have to bring our own tent - in the forest, we can take advantage of a comfortable hotel, which is the fulfilment of dreams from the childhood... about the tree house!

"In trees" is an absolutely remarkable hotel, immersed in the green loess gully near Nałęczów. The apartments have been hung up several meters above the ground. The trunks of the surrounding trees are naturally incorporated into the construction of houses. Contact with nature is reinforced by large windows, placed also in the roofs.

Our son - Franek has been the inspiration - explains Małgosia Fraszka, the owner of this unusual hotel – we have been looking for a tree house just for him. As a first-time parents, we wanted to give the child everything. Things that we were dreaming of as a child, things that we are still thinking of and those we didnt get until now- she adds. Young parents quickly found the Tree Hotel in Sweden, and then they came across drafts of German architect Andreas Wenning. The project of treehouses was ultimately made by a Pole, Piotr Jakubowski from Poznań. However the owners took an active part in the design –while executing the project, they were also realizing their childhood dream of a treehouse.

Treehouses are made of raw wood of Scandinavian spruces oiled only. Hence there is a rule that you have to walk barefoot in the apartments. In this way, the floor is not devastated, and the feet are in contact with raw wood. All pieces of furniture are also made of solid wood. The apartments are very comfortable in every detail. They also have a functional bathroom, with a shower and a toilet. Each house has a large terrace, hung between trees, where you can put deckchair when weather is good. Of course there is current in the houses, but there is no a TV set. Instead, you can see among the trees a unique show directed by the very nature itself.

Hornbeam apartment is 22m2 and terrace is 25 m2! The apartment is suitable for 2 adults and 2 children. Pine Apartment, by contrast, has two levels and an area of 25m2. Fir house is 20m2, the terrace probably will be built in the autumn of this year. All three apartments are all-year-round. They are heated and extremely comfortable.

The hotel is not only a place to sleep. The authors of the concept wanted to organize entire time of their guests. Therefore, "W drzewach" you can also benefit from educational tours in the crowns of trees or learn wood carving. There are no signs or posters showing the way to the apartments - the authors of the project did not want "pollute" the landscape in this way.