Holder for children

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

18 August 2021

Slings, backpacks - the market offers a variety of fantastic solutions, thats to which we can safely and comfortably move with the children.

Slings are great especially for babies who love to feel mother all the time. Thanks to them mums have free hands and can do something else at the same time. Backpacks for wearing children are perfect for the larger children, especially during hiking. Safety is their advantage, but generally they take some space.

On the market there is an alternative to backpacks that allow you to safely move the child on your back. It takes less space than a backpacks and it is as safe as them.
This new project is, in a sense, "Holder for Children" put on the back. Thanks to it, children who love to ride "piggyback" have almost identical point of view as when sitting on the shoulders of their parents. On "Holder" they are much more secure and more importantly - parents have free hands.

We put Piggyback Rider on the back and standing child is attached to a holder using special harness. In this way you can carry children over 2.5 years. The advantage of "holder" is also its light weight - about 3 kg. As the child stands, his/her weight is distributed to the whole spine of the parent. It is an ideal solution in the city or while shopping . Baby is on mothers back and her hands are free!