Herbal garden in the flat thanks to the collection of IKEA products

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

9 March 2021

The fresh herbs can add the extraordinary flavour to even the simplest dishes. Unfortunately – by buying herbs in the shop we are not 100% sure if they are ecological... Except for that, they are usually used very quickly. The matchless IKEA has decided to give all the city residents the possibility of having their own garden!

Cultivating our own herbs from now on won’t be only a privilege of people having their own garden. Thanks to the collection of IKEA products named KRYDDA/VÄXER you can easily cultivate herbs even in your apartment.

KRYDDA/VÄXER is an easy and really aesthetic hydroponic system which allows cultivating plants in water, without the soil. The hydroponics is the landless cultivation of plants in water. After adding the nutrients and a proper lighting, the system allows cultivating plants all year round.

The cultivation of the home plants thanks to the new collection of IKEA products is banally simple and pleasant. It may become a wonderful inspiration for the creative time spending by the whole family and a practical biology lesson at the same time.

KRYDDA/VÄXER sets include everything that we need to in order to become a gardener. You will find there seeds, foundations and containers for seeding, liquid fertilizer, pumice ground, frame for the lightening of the plants and the lamp itself equipped in LED bulbs, thanks to which it is possible to cultivate without the natural sunlight, and the simple and practical supports.

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