Healthy energy drink?

Text and photos: Anna Plaszczyk

7 June 2021

A sudden drop of energy on the road? How often do you reach for an energy drink in a situation like that? If the chemical energy drinks from the petrol station disgust you - reach for a completely natural British energy drink: Scheckters Organic Energy.

Scheckters Organic Energy is the first organic energy drink on the market. In contrast to the popular and well- known energy drinks, it does not contain any synthetic caffeine, artificial sweeteners, flavourings and colourings or preservatives. It is also the worlds first energy drink with the sign of Fair Trade.

Main "secret" ingredient of Scheckters Organic Energy is caffeine from green and raw, organic coffee beans, organic guarana and green tea. One can contains almost 135mg of such caffeine. Its much more than in most energy drinks available at petrol stations. This drink contain juices of pomegranate, black elder and lemon rich in antioxidants.

The mixture composed this way, makes the energy release slowly and its helps to keep us in good shape for a long time. That is why Scheckters Organic Energy does not cause any energy jumps, or rapid rise followed by agitation, and even more rapid decline of energy.

The drink is produced only with ingredients from organic farming, so it can not contribute to environmental devastation. What seems to be the most important for most opponents of popular energy drinks - this one does not have a deterrent, chemical odour. Scheckters Organic Energy smells and tastes fruity and it is not sweet. Here you can feel a distinct note of lemon and pomegranate.