Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

1 June 2017

Greentest is a device that every lover of healthy food dreams about – it is a detector of eco-lies.A fashion of eco lifestyle made the market filled with healthy, ecological food. As every promising trend, also the eco lifestyle is used to make profit! Greentest is a device that lets detect chemical substances in vegetables and fruit. Are ecological vegetables and fruit from the supermarket really ecological? Are fruit and vegetables from local markets better than those from supermarkets? I often ask myself those  questions and I am not sure if this “homely” food bought in the market is really eco.

Many times I wonder if it is worth to trust the local farmers or check the quality of the products, especially that many times I have been woken up by a helicopter spraying the local grape crops! Fortunately, on the market appeared a product that solved my problem – Greentest.

Greentest is a device in the size of  small phone equipped in the touch screen. It measures the quality of fruit, vegetables (and even meat) using the content of nitrates in the products as a quality ratio. The high content of nitrates means mostly the use of artificial fertilizers which are often combined with an excessive use of other chemical substances in the agriculture.

Greentest has a recorded list of about 60 products, such as: apple, banana, citrus, mango, kiwi, plum, grape, pear, watermelon, peach, mandarin, melon, persimmon, strawberry, cherry, apricot, lychee, avocado, pitahaya, longan, jackfruit, carambola, carrot, onion, lettuce, mushroom, purple potato, sweet potato, pepper, Chinese cabbage, Chinese celery, cabbage, cucumber, luffa, taro, szanghai vegetable (looks as pak choy), radish, corn, garlic, ginger, Chinese potato, beetroot, tomato, aubergine, pumpkin, potato, celery, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, white radish, winter melon, bitter melon, chives, asparagus, Chinese broccoli, choy sum cabbage. Even though the list cannot be modified it seems enough even for the most demanding lovers of fruit and vegetables.

The device is very user-friendly – after turning on the device we choose product from the list, e.g. carrot, we stick probe into it (the filament) in a way that it is wholly in the tested product, then we press “start test”. Greentest tells us in which place it is best to stick probe. If you do it in many places – the results may be different, however after about 3 seconds you will receive the average result!

In order to receive the correct readings, you must remember to wipe the probe thoroughly each time, we should also restart the device from time to time. In case of bigger vegetables we should make readings in few places. It is important that the probe sticks from every side of the tested product!

The only problem in using the device may be testing products before buying them. Probably no one will let you make holes on products without buying them. However you can safely test the bought products at home and know the eco-truth. It would be wonderful if every test is a pleasant surprise. However if  the products will not have the proper quality – thanks to the Greentest we will be able to quickly change the supplier!!!

We cannot wait to test the Greentest by ourselves!