GENOIS CHESLÓN - waterproof cushions made of sails

Source: press release

14 July 2019

How can old sails, ropes and metal parts be used? The Spanish company Dvelas came up with an idea to give them a second life. After stitching, the sails are filled with light green peas with EPS. In this way waterproof cushions have been made, you can not only sit or lie down on them, but also ... swim!

Name of cushions, GENOISE CHESLÓN, comes from the type of triangular sails, used during regatta sailings. Genois cushions fit the body perfectly, in addition – they widen to the bottom, so they can be easily transformed into a comfortable sofa. So you can sit and lie on them comfortably. The material, they were made from, comes from recycled sails, and is produced in Spain.

GENOIS CHESLÓN can be used at home as an armchair. Outside, they can suits perfectly as a replacement for a deckchair and even – water air-mattresses! They are waterproof, and their cleaning and maintenance do not cause any difficulties. They can also be washed in a washing-machine. Although the prices of cushions range from 400 to 775 dollars, it is a purchase that will serve you for years.

If you are interested in cushions, please, visit manufacturers website.