Gdynia Design Days

Source: press release

15 May 2017

Gdynia Design Days is an annual festival presenting the recent tendencies and good practice of design. This program full of inspiring exhibitions, lectures, workshops, speeches and discussion is addressed to professionals, young entrepreneurs and the enthusiasts who search for inspiration to be active and spend time actively. During 10 days in July Gdynia becomes the best summer place of meetings in the design branch. GDD is also the only one design festival in Poland during which people create prototypes with a chance of their implementation.

This year, for the 10th time Gdynia will become the summer capital of good design. The anniversary edition of GDD has the motto which directly and metaphorically refers to the maritime location of festival – STORM. This term brings many associations and interpretations and its multidimensionality has direct impact on the diverse program of the festival. This year’s edition is dedicated to possibilities brought by the destructive storm, its possible results and building anew.

Our attention was drawn firstly by the design connected to ecology, health food and active way of life, however the multidimensionality and cross-thematic character of this edition of GDD will make each of us find something for ourselves!

A – for Amazonia

Designed in Amazonia – The influence of modern civilization on the natural environment and the society condition is undoubtedly significant. We will look closer at the role of designing in the society functioning in the different models than the European one. Boa Vista do Acará, located near Belém, the capital of Para state in Amazonia, is the place which can be reached only by boat. The people living there earn their living on, e.g. selling the açai fruit. In this very place, in the rhythm of nature, lives the community cooperating with The Spirit of Poland Foundation. Its members would like to see what the designers may learn from the residents of Boa Vista do Acará and to what extent the proposed knowledge may be useful in solving the local problems.

E – for ecology

rECOnsider Design | EcoDesignCircle Project. The thoroughly selected eco-projects presented during the exhibition „rECOnsider“ are to encourage the visitors to reconsider their everyday habits in order to diminish the influence of human activity on the natural environment while not resigning from the quality and the unique features of an object.

F- for food

Future of food- in vitro meat, insect flour, edible print – all of these happen today! How will the future food look like? We invite to the multimedia loboratory of future: „infuture food lab“. The project „Future of Food“ is a good example of successful interdisciplinary cooperation of two different scientific-research centres with the business. The project was initialized by Natalia Hatalska, the founder of infuture institute which, in cooperation with the Architecture and Design Department of ASP in Gdańsk, organised the competition for the works of speculative design type.

S- for splice

Splices on the wave – The exhibition shows the modern point of view on the traditional methods of plaiting. The presented products are made during the workshops of the Serfenta Association of the Industrial Forms Department ASP in Cracow. Serfenta exists to maintain the tradition pf plaiting. The Association is helped by the WFP in making other editions of plaiting worshops using bullrush, straw and wicker. The products designed by students are surprisingly innovative. Thanks to adding the nonstandard materials the products are enriched in the additional functions. This is the way the design should liven up the craft!

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