Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

4 May 2023

Ganic has its origin in the far north. The southern part of Norway, surrounded by forests and fjords, is unique. These free from contamination, covered with snow and ice areas are hardly populated. It is there where a unique water derived from the Ganic glacier is drawn.

Melting water from the glacier slowly penetrates the granite rocks. In this way, it is naturally enriched with precious minerals. The spring where the Ganic comes from is called Snarttland. It gives an exceptionally clear water. Due to the difficulty in obtaining it, the Norwegian glacier water is an extremely scarce and valuable product.

Even the smell of ganic itself is surprising. Certainly it is not neutral, although it is elusive and difficult to locate. Ganic platinium spring, which is a natural version of the Norwegian glacier water smells ... like truffles. Also the taste of the water differs from any other mineral water in the world. The water, although it contains no calories or sugar, is discreetly sweet. Its flavour is as fleeting and delicate, as the smell.

Mint Ganic has nothing to do with a familiar "mint", or the refreshing breathing chemical chewing gum. Mint Ganic is not like mint ice cream and it is not like an artificial mint tea. Mint Ganic is like a mint from the garden. Delicate and refreshing.

Flavored versions of Ganic means water for all those who prefer flavoured water, and those who do not want to drink tonnes of sugar and chemical and flavoured additives. Ganic is flavoured with natural oils from fruits and herbs, drawn by the Norwegian manufacture with the use of traditional methods. The water does not contain, even in its flavoured versions any, sugar, sweeteners, artificial colours or preservatives. It can be consumed by infants and diabetics.