Everything but the manual

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

6 December 2021

Do you have a Christmas Tree alredy? Is it a fir-tree, or maybe a spruce? You can build your own Christmas Tree with "Everything but the manual" by David Graas!
Everything but the manual is a furniture system, that has the potential to be anything. Thanks to David Graas you can built, for example, vanity table, lamp, cuckoo clock or even Christmas Tree! The design aims to offer possibilities instead of the ultimate form. Any form follows flexibility.

There is no manual provided, so - you must do everything by yourself. Everything, from concept to the final form, depends on you. The only limitation is your own imagination. "Everything but the manual" comes in the shape of a cube consisting of 177 identical oak building blocks that can be connected with bolt and wing-nut.