EQUA urban water bottles

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

20 January 2020

Drinking tap water is not only a fashion, but first of all it is a responsible attitude towards the environment. EQUA – a brand offering safe and comfortable glass bottles and BPA-free reusable plastic bottles- extends its offer of sports and outdoor water bottles with an "urban" offer. EQUA bottles are for drinking tap water, but they are also ideal for other beverages, both hot and cold. EQUA BPA free bottles are made of a patented copolyester - Eastman Tritan which does not contain Bisphenolu A (BPA), phthalates and other chemical elements dangerous to a man. In the manufacturing process, the company uses only organic compounds with no petroleum substances. This material does not react with liquids, it neither retains odours nor changes its colour. This is a completely biodegradable material, suitable for recycling. EQUA BPA free bottles are resistant to mechanical damages and temperatures up to 100 °C, they are easy to clean thanks to their three-part construction and they are 100% watertight. A wide range of colours and designs is their big advantage.

butelka na wodę Equa BPA free

EQUA brand has three series of reusable bottles made of glass in its offer. Those are made using a traditional method- by blowing air and moulding it manually, they have thin walls and they are extremely lightweight. All EQUA glass bottles are made of borosilicate glass consisting of quartz and boric acid, having antiseptic properties. This type of glass is characterized by a high resistance to thermal shock.
CMYK glass bottles can be personalized using silicone caps, available in all CMYK colours. On the other hand, ACTIVE glass bottles are designed for people who value convenience, as well as their own unique style. Silicone caps protect the most sensitive areas of the bottle, so you can use them safely during physical activity.

butelka na wodę z filcowym ochraniaczem Equa Mismatch

MISMATCH line is a novelty. It is the perfect combination of strong and resistant glass with a soft and nice to the touch, hand sewn, felt protective cover. It has a comfortable grip and it maintains the temperature of the drink for a longer period of time. Using reusable bottles, minimizes the demand for disposable beverages bottles, at the same time it saves money. The price of the urban bottle equals the purchase of approx. 30 half-litre bottles of water in disposable packaging. The cost of filling EQUA bottle with water is 0,02 PLN, and 20 PLN a year. Each year EQUA, located in Slovenia, transfers 10% of their income to the European environmental organizations.