Epicurean – how a youthful fascination of three friends concerning skateboards has turned into a kitchen business.

Source: press release

4 July 2022

Epicurean is a brand that manufactures boards and kitchen accessories made of FSC-certified paper and recycled cardboard, as well as the milk bottles . All products of this brand are distinguished by interesting design and outstanding durability.

Far, far away in the former pasta factory ...
Epicurean is also a story of three friends who share a common passion, taste of the beauty and great respect for the surrounding nature. Thanks to it, they created the environment and people friendly brand and for ten years their products have been made in the middle of the forest, in a former pasta factory.

From skatepark to the kitchen
This brand of kitchen accessories also has an unusual beginning – it has arisen as a result of its founders rebellion, rebellious enthusiasts of skateboarding. Resentment to work in large corporations pushed them to create their own business. And that is how their first company producing skateboarding ramps was created. When the first ramps were being produced, there came the question: how to use the material remaining from the production? Getting rid of it would mean a waste of valuable raw material. Where can we use the power of the material that spaceships, yachts and ramps were built from? The response was unanimous: in the kitchen! The road through the skate park to the kitchen has become a hit.

Within ten years, a small company from Duluth, the name of which comes from the Epicurean philosophy celebrating the joy of life, has won the trust of its customers thanks to not only the quality of its products, but also the authenticity of proclaimed ideas and values, it is devoted to from the very beginning. Local production, trusted suppliers, minimizing the impact on the environment, friendly, stimulating creativity atmosphere at work- all this is reflected in the quality of the offered products.
Particular attention to even the smallest details can be seen not only in every project and the final product, but also in the environment itself – Hawksboots- company headquarters has been noted by the "Business Week" magazine as one of the best-designed corporate buildings.

Used environmentally friendly solutions
• Made from eco paper-based material
• With FSC and Rainforest Alliance certificates - the material used for the production comes from forests managed responsibly.
• Made in 100 percent of the eco-friendly production process during which a minimum amount of water is consumed and waste are used to generate electricity; Epicurean® uses an internal Ekoprogam very restrictively.
• Greenguard Certificate and Greenguard Children & Schools - ensures that these boards do not emit harmful chemicals and can be used indoor safely.

All Epicurean boards are made of ecological paper-based material, so durable that it is also used for the production of e.g. skate-parks, yachts and spacecraft components. The material that the Epicurean boards are made from is denser and harder than wood. None of the boards made of: wood, glass or plastic can match the durability of the brand. In contrast to the wooden and bamboo boards, these boards can be washed in the dishwasher safely, without the risk of buckling. Epicurean boards are better than wooden ones thanks to their antibacterial properties. The boards of this US manufacturer are the only kitchen boards, to which the bacteria do not adhere, and thanks to it this product has undeniable sanitation qualities. Surface without porous prevents penetration of the scents of the dishes, so another problem concerning wooden boards is eliminated. Moreover, the Epicurean boards are also resistant to dirt.

Functionality of products and the awards
For Epicurean the key issue is the functionality of products, all boards and kitchen accessories are very practical. Thanks to the properties of the material and modern form they can be washed in the dishwasher, they do not blunt knives, they are free from bacteria and dirt, moreover, they does not absorb odours. Therefore, the boards are getting a worldwide recognition. If design is concerned, Eco Paper boards (100% recycled paper) reached the finals of the 2011 Good Design competition. The Kitchen Series line of the brand has been awarded in the 2014 Eco Design contest - under the patronage of the Minister of the Environment. Jury explained the choice by pointing out "good design and the natural material" of Epicurean boards. The brand is awarded "V" mark from Vege magazine, which means that it is recommended to such demanding users as vegetarians and vegans.

Products of this American brand are also appreciated by professional chefs. During the Polish edition of Cook it Raw, culinary masterpieces were created on them by the best chefs in the world. Epicurean works with the best culinary studios in Poland - Cook Up and Whirlpool Culinary Academy.

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