Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

5 March 2018

Tables and seats, and as well as washers, tray, dressing and bed – everything what Ekogutek design is with wood recovered from euro-palettes and wooden boxes after fruits. Each of furniture is a separate history of change from old into new.

Ekogutek is a young Silesian project. First furniture were made in first half of 2013, for so called "home use". It was an island and comfortable seat to kitchen. – Quickly turned out, that we dont have a space to keep our books – says Gustaw Hyla-Włoch – Thats how substantial library of books was made, from boxes for apples, which I bought in little greengrocery store – he mentions. After a while, friends insisted on Gustaw to create a new furniture. Thats how Ekogutek was found.

- Ekogutek was made from need of taking care of something, that will give me joy and satisfaction – says Gustaw Hyla-Włoch. – But first and foremost, a project was supposed to give a satisfaction for those, who want to have in their homes thing I made – he adds. In October 2014 year, Ekogutek debuted on KONTURY fairs of utility art in Wrocław. Today, in company offer there are mainly a tables and seats, but you may also find there an interesting accessories. There are trays, washers, dressing or even bed frames. In Ekogutek you can order a furniture according to your ideas. There is a one condition – project must fit into upcycling convention and must be made out of one euro-palette or from boxes for fruits.

- My imagination comes alive in contact with wood – says Gustaw Hyla-Włoch – Each furniture is a separate story of change from old into new. Its an alchemy of wood. Designing itself is just a prelude, biggest satisfaction is giving me a blown and precise finishing of furniture with technique of aging wood – he adds. In Ekogutek, each board is given a multiple process of treatment, cleaning and afterwards – painting. Its a long process. End effect is surprising – especially if it goes about obtained process of treatment of wood shape. It connects a perfect smoothness with clear perceptibility and natural structure of wood in it.

- I care a lot, that each furniture will have its unique characteristic – underlines Gustaw Hyla-Włoch. – Thanks to technique of aging, I have a possibility of highlighting and gathering each pot of wood. This is what gives old wood its new individuality. Last treatment is painting. Thanks to mixing a lot of shades, Ekogutek creates single and unique colors. Painting is liven up and underline a natural structure of wood – making a various interesting patterns and themes appear on wood.

- History of "used" and in form of paper wood inspires me, especially S. King books – answering on question about his interests Gustaw Hyla-Włoch – Im not an artist, but a craftsman – he underlines decently.