Egypt – ideal place for eco diving

Text and photos: Mariola Weindich-Mašek

26 May 2020

Colourful fish from the cartoon Finding Nemo for the asking and in addition in the winter? You can rest in Egypt ecologically and in a different way than the rest of the tourists. What comes to you mind when you are thinking about a holidays in Egypt? Probably lying down by the hotel pool during weekly version of the all inclusive holidays. Well, for many holidays in Egypt, look like this up to the end, but Egypt is not just a version of the all inclusive holidays at the hotel restaurant or bar.

Egypt is a perfect place for people who like active rest, especially in the water. If you need activities and sun, we invite you to Egypt. It is worth going there especially during autumn and winter, when all you can see is the slob and the snow outside the window in Poland. In this time of the year, it is worth going to Marsa Alam area. In this part of Egypt there are less tourists, and the coral reef is well preserved and not destroyed. Three locations: Marsa Shagra , Marsa Nakari and Wadi Lahami are enjoying the greatest popularity. Here you can experience eco diving, designed by Red Sea Diving Safari.

Red Sea Diving Safari was established in 1990 . Over the last 20 years, RSDS has become one of the most popular destinations for all lovers of diving. In each village you can try eco diving. The purpose of the design was not only to teach diving, but above all to make people aware of and educate about diving and admiring the underwater world without destroying it . Eco Diving means also a rare and unforgettable series of workshops , when nature lovers are encouraged to develop their knowledge of the underwater marine ecosystems and biology.

These workshops consist of teamwork under the supervision of scientists, marine biologists and collecting valuable data, or raising awareness about the Red Sea. Here everyone can find something for himself, diving is possible for everyone, starting from people who just want to start their underwater adventure.

In the area of Marsa Alam, there are about 60 places suitable for diving recommended by the RSDS, they are spread over a distance of roughly 200 km of the coast. The most famous is probably the Elphinstone reef . Other popular reefs include Dolphin House and The Fury Shoals. An additional interesting feature of RSDS is the variety of accommodation, you can live in a small villa, cottage or tent right on the seashore.
We highly recommend !