Ecological yurts

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

10 May 2023

Ecological yurts are the perfect place to relax. They have won American and Western European hearts. The yurt comes from Mongolian culture, the tradition of living in a circular tent is propagated in Poland by Marek Nawracaj.

The necessity is a mother of invention, so Marek Nawracaj has "invented" yurt. Invention in this case means discover, because yurts have been Mongols traditional houses for ages. Marek Nawracaj has modified the yurt to meet the needs of his family. He decided to share his idea with all those people who dream about perfect place to relax.

- We have created a company that is a combination of our job, that brings us joy, and passion to live in a harmony with nature – explains Marek Nawracaj – Today we are family of three, but the idea of the yurt has appeared in our minds earlier, when there was two of us and we were searching for perfect place for us. When we discovered yurts we immediately loved it and we enthused our friends with that love. We and our friends together are keep improving our yurts – he says. Today he run a company that manufacture yurts.

Having own piece of land is not a guarantee of recreation. You can build small summer house but it is quite expensive and does not secure full contact with nature. Yurts are light and sturdy, do not weight down the ground. The yurt is not only a summer house you can live there the whole year. The circular shape gives it the unique energy that delights everyone who once visited the yurt. It could be arranged at the same way the traditional house is without losing the contact with the nature. You can still hear the birdsong and the forest sounds.

Marek Nawracaj firstly moved into the yurt then he decided to improve it. - Once we sat down in our dreamed space, smiled, looking somewhere in a faraway direction, and we sighed together what about big wooden floor-to-ceiling windows, glass roof, 100% organic materials... - says the producer of ecological yurts – We got on with work to catch our dreams, because we could not find such yurts in Poland... – he explains.

They invited to their team group of friend architects and engineers, who just like them were fascinated in natural building. Together they created project based on modern and innovating solutions but they kept values of traditional mongol style. Because of high quality Eco yurts may compete with the best western yurts. Eco yurts are natural, great quality and the price is very good.

Yurts may be easily combined. This facility allows to create a real ecological residence. One yurt may be a bedroom, the next one a kitchen or even an indoor swimming pool. Depending on the needs or the budget the floor can be wooden or clay, wool isolation or rocket stove. Because of unique construction Eco yurts can stand any winter. - Eco yurts where designed in the way that exceed several times safety weight bearing standards – explains Marek Nawracaj – no matter how heavy winter is an how much snow is on the roof I ensure the construction is safe and reliable – he add