Ecological DIY Christmas tree

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13 December 2020

Before Christmas ecological, handmade Christmas trees win the hearts and living rooms around the world. There are as man unique and original DIY Christmas trees as many people that create them. In the ACTIVE&ECO, in cooperation with snow&fun we suggest how to prepare a base for such a unique "tree".

Making ecological Christmas tree is a fashion, which helps to achieve the original effect. It is also the fashion that fits in a responsible trend not to cut trees from the forest or crop trees, but also not to buy plastic Christmas trees. In this case, according to the upcycling principle, something useless becomes ornament. Thanks to making it by your own, useless branches can give an entirely new quality, that is worth much more than previously.

To make a Christmas tree from sticks we need:
- Sticks of different lengths but similar thickness;
- Jute string or other, strong one;
- Ecological ornaments: dried oranges, pears, cones;
- Other ornaments as you wish;
- Drills, saws.

We put sticks in order from the shortest to the longest one, then cut them with a wood saw to the desired length to make them form a triangle shape, that is our Christmas tree. Then we pull the string on both sides from the top "branch" of the Christmas tree (about 5 cm from the edges of the sticks) and mark the drill as the string goes (on both sides of the sticks, because we will drill at an angle). On the top, in the shortest stick we mark and drill only one hole! Using a thin drill we gently drill holes in sticks so that we could thread the string.

When we have all holes drilled - we prepare two strings longer than required by 1/3. 5 cm from the edge of the string, we tie a double knot and thread the lowest branch of the tree from its bottom. Then we tie another double knot again in a place, where higher branch should be located. We thread the string from bottom to top and repeat the action until the penultimate branch is reached. Then we do the same thing with the other side of our Christmas tree. When the penultimate branch of our Christmas tree is threaded - we combine strings, tie the knot and thread strings together through the hole in the last branch. We tie the string under the branch, and the remaining string is our hanger, thanks to which we can hang a Christmas tree on the wall. At the appropriate length again we tie the knot and cut off the rest of the string.

We decorate the Christmas tree with natural ornaments. In our case, these are Christmas glass balls made from recycled cotton thread, dried pears and orange slices, stars cut from the remnants of gray felt and birch bark, lollipops and red, Christmas caps for dolls. Decorations for Christmas trees can be stuck or hanged on a string - like on the classic Christmas tree.

Such a Christmas tree is unique, ecological and very practical. It looks great especially in small rooms where there is no place to put a classic tree. It is also a great alternative for parents of young children or guardians of unruly animals for which Christmas tree (living or artificial) is associated with a risk of cutting a tree in a million different ways. Such a handmade Christmas tree is also exceptionally easy to store - just take off its ornaments and place sticks in the bag. And if you ever get tired of the Christmas tree - you can "break it apart" and throw into the forest to decompose, to enrich the soil.
Making a Christmas tree with sticks takes about 1-1,5 hours.

snow and fun choinka diy

handmade snow and fun choinka diy

 snow and fun choinka diy handmade christmas tree

snow and fun choinka diy handmade

snow and fun choinka diy handmade