Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

11 July 2021

Each of us would like to have his/her own place to stay. Unfortunately - for many young people buying an apartment is even too expensive, not mentioning about buying a house. Fortunately, there are more and more innovative projects that allow you to live in your own A. Today, we present a very interesting project of a mini-cabin, which is not only cheap to buy, but also to use, and additionally - portable and environmentally friendly.

Ecocapsula has been created by our neighbors, the Slovaks. Its design is nothing like standard cabins. It is very innovative and futuristic. Of course, its shape is not an accident but a well-thought tech choice. It is 4,45 m long, 2,25 m wide and 2.56 m high and it is extremely environmentally friendly.

There are solar panels mounted on its roof. They cover 2,6 square meters and supply the capsule with 600 W of power. It also has wind turbines with a power of 750 W. Another well-thought-out environmentally friendly solution tanks for rainwater. Thanks to the ovoid shape of the building water flowing down the roof go straight to its place - into tanks for rainwater!

Surely, this is not a project for large families, but it is a perfect solution for one or two young people. Not only because of its low operating and purchase costs but also because of its mobility. Here, space has been used perfectly! There is a kitchen, a toilet, beds to sleep in, and a place to work. Although you cannot change the interior, still you can choose the finish according to your own taste.