Text and photo: Mariola Weindich-Mašek

20 August 2019

Being Eco is not just a temporary fashion. Its a philosophy that allows you to live with respect to the surrounding environment. It is also worth noting that being eco = eco, because ecologically means economically.

Fashion for being eco is in our lives for good. Some argue that it is overrated. Others say - that being eco is often just an empty word, behind which there are profits for producers selling eco products. But we want to encourage and mobilize you to be eco. 100% eco.
In our series ECO = ECO, we will advise and propose simple solutions, thanks to which you can at the same time live ecologically and economically.

Water saving
Water saving is one of the simplest way thanks to which you can live eco every day.

1. Buy a dishwasher – obviously, the one that is economical! It is not only a gift for you, It will save time, but most of all - money. For hand washing of dishes, you need as much as 38 litres of water. The dishwasher is more economical. We are using dishwasher only when it is full. Do not set the dishwasher to pre-rinsing - this allows you to save up to 24 thousand litres of water per year! As the tests conducted by the US consumer magazine "Consumer Reports" show the pre-rinsing does not improve the quality of washing dishes.
2. Steam vegetables instead of boiling them in the water! It is not only healthier, but also - more eco.
3. Wash fruits and vegetables in a bowl, using a brush, for cleaning. Stop the flow of the water from the tap!
4. Do not defrost food in a pot with water, but in the fridge. This method is not only more economical, but it is much more hygienic. We know for sure that defrosting food will not only fall into the wrong hands-paws (if we have a pet at home), but also no bacteria will develop there.
5. Use faucet aerators! This equipment is installed on a tap. Their task is to aerate the stream of water and increase its volume, thanks to it we consume less water.

1. Repair taps and flushes if they are leaking, and first of all tighten the taps. It is a trivially simple task, still extremely important, because if it is not tighten well enough and the water drips, we can be sure that the water bill will be higher. If the water from the tap drips at a rate of one drop per second, so in this manner, we lose up to 5 thousand litres of water in a year!
2. When brushing our teeth we should definitely turn the water off. In this way, we waste about 5-10 litres of water per minute. Assuming we wash teeth at least 3 minutes - it gives us a 15-30 litres of water lost irreparably. Multiply this amount by the number of your family members, and then by 365 days a year. I can guarantee that you will be shocked!
3. Take a shower rather and not a bath. You need about 120 litres of water for a bath, while taking a shower can save more than 100 litres of water! Let us make taking shower shorter - in 10 minutes we consume up to 30-40 litres of water.

1. Buy container for rainwater, its a really big saving!
2. Add compost to the soil, thanks to it, you will increase its ability to retain water.
3. Put sprinklers in places where water will not fall on paths or sidewalks.
4. Do not install fountains – they are already out-of-date!
5. Water the garden at the coolest time of the day. In order to reduce the risk of burning flowers, but also to minimize evaporation of water. Also avoid watering when strong wind is blowing.
6. The sidewalks and driveways should be swept rather than cleaned with water. If it is really necessary - use rainwater for this purpose.