Dumplings from Jasienica

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

24 May 2018

Russian or from Bieszczady, with lentils or chickpeas - all vegetarian, vegan and handmade. These are the dumplings from Jasienica. They are on the market by an accident. Fortunately for us - because they win the hearts of not only vegans and vegetarians.

Arkadiusz Śnieżek used to run the company designing web pages. He decided to change business thanks to his friends who fell in love with his dumplings. - In response to many requests from friends: "Where did you get such a good dumplings from? And what Proziaki are? ", the company osFlake entered a catering business - says Arkadiusz Śnieżek – we produce various kinds of dumplings and tortellini according to the old Polish home recipes that we inherited with family notes of our mothers and grandmothers - he adds.

Dumplings are hand-made, made of products comming from the best manufacturers in Jasienica Rosielna – starting with flour (mill in Jasienica), cottage cheese (OSM Jasienica Rosielna), to eggs from domestic chickens and vegetables from a backyard. But a real hit is a vegan offer. It contains Russian vegan dumplings, the cheese in which has been replaced by tofu. Dumplings from Bieszczady, with tofu, potatoes and buckwheat, are brilliant. There are dumplings with chick peas, buckwheat and lentils. There are also fruit dumplings or the classic ones - dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms or mushroom ears.

- The demand for vegan dumplings has just begun - says Arkadiusz Śnieżek - People are learning and they understand that they have to eat healthy. I have started to produce vegan dumplings, because the vegans have asked for it. It turned out that more and more people want to eat them, because they have unusual flavours - he adds. He promises that soon he will extend the offer with exotic flavours. Such, that are hard to find in stores. The offer will also include spelled dumplings, because more and more customers are asking for these dumplings.

Dumplings from Jasienica can be purchased online or in stationary stores in Warszawa, Kraków, Rzeszów and Nowy Sącz.