Dog's concrete bowls

Text: Anna Plaszcyk, photos: press release

26 March 2022

The main goal of the Urban Animal Scientists is the style of pets gadgets. It has come out from the assumption that this is a direct reflection of the dog and guardian. Their offer of beautiful collars now includes concrete bowl.

The minimalist design does not express a lack of ideas and imagination but it proves exceptional sensitivity. Modern culture suffers from the overloaded visual sphere, mass production and redesigned items full of colours, shapes and bizarre elements. Nowadays the ability to leave this glam is an advantage on the market. And this advantage is used by The Urban Animal Scientist.

Dogs concrete bowls combine simplicity, aesthetics and functionality. These products are keeping up with time and global design, which in recent years loves concrete. The bowl is hand cast. The water bowl is fundamentally different than the one for the solid food.

The food bowl was designed in the way to help the dog to eat to the end. Because of the specific shape of the bowl food remains in the middle of the bowl.

Concrete bowls are available in a variety of sizes. They are extremely hygienic. They can be washed in a warm water with a mild soap. Bowls are impregnated with liquid which is safe for both human and animals. More about concrete bowls you can read on the