DIY- Christmas card with sticks

Text and photos: Anna Plaszczyk

5 December 2020

The upcoming Christmas season is a time of giving, which gives a lot more joy than receiving presents. Do you want to give your relatives gifts that are unique, hand-made and beautiful? We will tell you how to make a stylish Christmas trinkets you cannot get in any store. We start with Christmas cards with a Christmas tree.

In shops, bookstores and shopping malls there are plenty of Christmas cards. Although this form of sending wishes seems to be a little bit old-fashioned, during the holiday season we send them very often. Instead of buying cards – they can be done by hand. We encourage you - Do It Yourself!

Today we are offering you a Christmas card with a Christmas tree. They are extremely original and can be made of things you can find in the house or in its vicinity.
- a rigid cardboard (it can also be a corrugated cardboard, cut out of the box)
- scissors, a box cutter, a ruler, a pencil
- sticks (best will be those with a diameter similar to a pencil)
- yarn/ jute string/ paper string/ floss, etc.
- alternatively Japanese adhesive tape washi with Christmas designs
- a thick needle or other tool for making holes

We cut cardboard to the size of a card. The card should be unfolded, so it should be cut it in the right way. Cut it out using a box cutter. After cutting, we fold our card carefully. We draw the "shape" of our Christmas tree with a pencil or a needle. The smallest, upper branch must be 3 times wider than a stick chosen by us, as it will be a "core" of a Christmas tree.

Once we have the shape set- we make holes in a card. It is the best to do them with a large needle, enlarge them with a pencil or a screwdriver. I was using a needle for quilting, so it was easier to do it. Note that the size of the holes should be adjusted to the thickness of prepared strings or wool.

When the holes are ready – let’s prepare a string. Thread it so that the binding will be on the front side of the card. After threading each string through two holes at the same level of the Christmas tree - we tie them, the knot should be at the centre of our future Christmas tree. Of course, the strings will be loose until we connect them with "trunk" of the Christmas tree.

After threading all the strings and tying them – we put a stick, cut it so to make it stick out slightly above the string of the Christmas tree at the top and 2x more than the string at its bottom. Now we attach the stick with strings. Just tighten the first node, press it with a stick and tie the second one firmly on a stick. If we do this carefully – there will be no need to do further nodes that can disturb the composition. It is important to tie knots every time in the same direction. Thanks to this, the final result will be aesthetic. After tying all nodes on the stick – cut away the unnecessary pieces of the string.

After opening the card you will find that there is a second, equally aesthetic tree on the inner side! We can draw a trunk at the bottom and a star on its top. You can also paste these items using a washi tape, paper or a coloured paper. On the other, the inner sheet, there is some space for Christmas wishes.

Time spent on making the card is about 15-20 minutes. The result - unique. Thanks to sticks and different cords or knitting threads we can make an infinite number of different Christmas cards!

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