Chopping board

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

14 March 2023

Do you like nice, simple and above all - practical solutions in the kitchen. In addition, if you do not like mess, you should take a look at the chopping board Unikia. Perhaps it will not change your life, but it will certainly improve it.

Today, when manufactures on every step give us lots of various products; before buying anything it is worth to follow several principles. One of them is functionality. And it is the second name of the Unikia chopping boards. Unikia is the perfect proof that it is enough to modify well-known things in order to improve their usefulness. Seemingly the chopping board itself looks casually. However, you need to try it once in practice, to learn about its distinctness and functionality.

 The board in total consists of 9 parts. In this set for cutting and serving meals, you will find, in total, 2 chopping boards, and 5 trays that can be easily fastened to the board where you are chopping. This unique set allows you to get rid of the constant mess, difficult to master in the kitchen. Just cut the product and immediately slide it to the appropriate tray.

 Extremely high practicality, and the original design of the set for chopping and serving meals, Unikia company will make you work in the kitchen a pleasure from now on.