Hocko Klocki

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

3 January 2022

Made of cardboard and ecological. Stimulating imagination when you decorate them by yourself. Toys proposed by Polish company Hocko Klocki are just like that. Cardboard costumes have just hit the market, they are excellent during carnival balls.

"Costumes" are cardboard toys that will take children into a fantasy world of Princesses, Knights and Fairies. Sets consist of flat patterns for self-assembly and decoration. This toy develops not only manual skills of a child but also encourages to creative thinking and teaches precision and patience.

Costume for a Princess is a toy for all girls who love trinkets. In the package, there are four sets of elements: 4 crowns, 4 mirrors, 4 wands and 4 necklaces. Thanks to that every Little Princess can decorate each of her own personal sets in a different way, so the fun will last much longer. The producer recommends decorating them with paints in stick, especially metallic ones, that will give the proper glow to toys made of cardboard.

Paints in sticks do not require the use of water and brushes, they are safe for children and they dry up quickly. This way parents avoid untidiness. Paints in sticks recommended by Hocko Klocki are paints free of harmful substances.

Costume for a Knight is an excellent choice for all boys, fascinated by medieval warriors, legends of the Round Table or a native story of Wawel Dragon. What would be a heroic journey without a shield and sword? A crown, as Hocki Klocki describes it, may be useful to impress the Princess, whom a little brave Knight will save from the highest tower. This package also contains four sets of elements: 4 swords, 4 shields and 4 crowns. Thanks to that each armed expedition of the Little Knight and every party costume may look differently.

The last Costumes set is Wings, that can make every child become a good Fairy, a Butterfly, a Dragonfly or maybe a winged Dragon or even an Angel. Cardboard wings for self-assembly and decoration can be an excuse for long hours spent on creative play and dressing up. You can decorate them with paints or get carried away with fantasy and use blotting paper, foil or cotton wool. This set contains wings and a string.

Every Hocko Klocki set is made of organic, Polish materials and is manufactured in Poland. Each of them is not obvious and it requires intellectual engagement and creative way of thinking.