Cleansing the body

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: Anna Plaszczyk

9 October 2018

Cleansing the body of toxins is the best way to health and a well-being. It is worth to clean your body all year round, but autumn and winter are the periods when you should pay special attention to what you eat and in what quantities. Usually at this time of the year, you are less active and you have a tendency to eat too much.

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What should you do in order to clean the body in a simple, yet effective way?

1. Drink water with lemon juice
Every morning, half an hour before breakfast, drink a glass of water with juice of a 1/3 squeezed lemon. Lemon contains more than 20 active compounds with anticancer properties, it is rich in vitamin C and trace elements. It perfectly cleanses the body!

2. Every day drink fresh juices
Fresh juice is the best dose of vitamins. Especially when juices are made of organic vegetables and fruits – of your own or from a friendly farmer or from the store with healthy food. Juices with green vegetables are the most beneficial to our body.

3. Get to know with curcuma flavour
Curcuma is not only a great spice, but also a natural medicine. It influences the function of the liver perfectly. Curcuma can be added to all dishes and soups, as well as to drinking water.

4. Find 30 minutes a day for physical activity
The exercise, especially in the open air, is the best ally in detox treatments. Physical activity has an influence on not only better physical, but also mental state of a human being.

5. Drink plenty of pure water
Our body consists of water in about 60-70%. It is necessary for the proper functioning of each cell. Water helps to wash away toxins from the body. Watch out for bottled water - it is often as good as a tap water!

6. Find a few minutes for breathing exercises
Breathing exercises improve the functioning of the nervous and digestive systems. Thanks to it, it is easier to cleanse the body of toxins! It prevents diseases of the upper respiratory tract. The ideal option is yoga.