Christmas Tree from recycled materials

Text and photos: Anna Plaszczyk

15 December 2021

Christmas without a Christmas Tree? We say no to the real evergreen trees. We hope they will stay in the forest. We are creating our own Christmas Tree using... our waste. Upcycled trees are beautiful decoration to our houses and perfect Christmas gift to our friends or relatives.

To create your Christmas tree you can use nearly everything what you can find in the house. All you need is just a bit of imagination and manual skills. This is what I have found in my "waste bin":
– the old white sewing thread
– half a bottle of old wood glue after the expiry date
– a cardboard box

To make the Christmas tree I also needed : stapler, thick A4 paper, food wrap, hairspray. I made a cardboard cone, stapled it and wrapped using my food wrap. I put fair amount of wood glue on it. Then I wrapped it round with white thread. When I finished with the thread then I spread again the wood glue over ready Christmas tree. The glue is absolutely brilliant for that kind of work – it is white but when dried up, it turns into transparent. The thin layer of the glue glitters beneath the thread and brings some winter climate to the tree.

I left the ready tree just beside the radiator for 24 hours. During this time I cut out the star of corrugated paper. After 24 hours you need to remove the cartoon which was the frame to the Christmas tree. First, I gently removed the cardboard cone, and then the foil. At the end I stuck the star on the top of the tree. The Christmas tree is ready!

Do you have any other ideas on upcycled Christmas tree?