Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

4 September 2021

Perfect for small or great hunger, a snack or afternoon tea for a baby - Chimpanzee bars are simply divine. They are delicious and healthy, made from the best natural ingredients.

Active people like to reach for Chimpanzee. Why? The ingredients of bars provide large portion of energy to the body for a long time. The bars do not contain trans fats, genetically modified ingredients or preservatives. They consist of natural products only, 50% of which have BIO certificate.

Chimpanzee is available in 4 flavours: nuts/raisins, apricot, date fruits/chocolate and carrot/beet. Chimpanzee bars are good not only for humans but also for the planet. Manufacturer of the bars is a member of "1% for Planet".

- BIO syrup of brown rice
- soy flour
- roasted soya beans
- treacle
- whole grain oats
- BIO raisins
- malt
- rice crunchy
- dried apricots
- evaporated BIO sugarcane juice
- sunflower oil
- herbs
- salt