Chemical peeling at home?

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

23 March 2017

After winter the skin lacks radiance, look tired and needs sun. What can we do to help the skin? The strong chemical peelings can be done only by the beauticians but on the market there are also the products to use at home.

The chemical peelings are very effective and minimally invasive at the same time. During treatment the layer of the dead cells is removed. The peeling induces the fibroblasts that are located on the verge of the epidermis and dermis and it is responsible for the creation of collagen and elastin in the dermis. Also the epidermis is regenerated quicker.

Such treatments are recommended in case of damages connected to the process of aging (wrinkles, looseness), acne, enlarged pores, skin contamination or discoloration. The chemical peeling is also great for the grey and tired skin which lacks radiance.

Floslek Pharma has prepared a series of chemical peelings that can be used successfully at home. In the Dermo Expert series we can find the brightening, rejuvenating and normalising peelings. The product should be used for the night and after it is absorbed we can also use our favourite cream. In the morning we wash the face and use the cream of a high filter (e.g. Fotoprotektor day cream SPF 30). It will provide us with a protection and care of the skin during and after the treatment with the acid peelings. The cream smoothens and makes the skin firm and flexible. It also prevents from the aftersun discolorations. The cosmetic can be applied easily, is quickly absorbed and does not leave the white film. It also does not cause shining. It contains E vitamin.