Chemical home scrubs by FLOSLEK

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

2 April 2022

Early spring is an ideal time for scrubs. The skin after winter is often tired and dry by central heating. For even better skin care in home, FLOSLEK launches a series of chemical scrubs DERMO EXPERT.pre. The main effect of scrubs is the process of exfoliation. During the treatment, a layer of dead cells is removed, and fresh and healthy ones are exposed. In addition, exfoliation stimulates fibroblasts located between the epidermis and dermis, and they are responsible for the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis. Epidermis is also renewing faster.

Chemical scrubs are very effective and less invasive. They are carefully selected mixture of chemical compounds, such as fruit acids alpha-, beta-, or polyhydroxyacids, trichloroacetic acid. Chemical scrubs are recommended for skin with problems related with aging (wrinkles, loss of firmness), acne, enlarged pores, impurities or hyperpigmentation. They are great for grey, dull, and tired skin. Thanks to them, the skin regains its fresh look, is brighter and more elastic.

Laboratorium Kosmetyczne FLOSLEK launches professional chemical peels DERMO EXPERT for home use. They contain carefully selected, powerful active ingredients, so that the effects are already visible after the first application. Products are very well tolerated by the skin. Their efficacy and safety have been confirmed by tests conducted in independent laboratories. What is very important - FLOSLEK does not test its products on animals. DERMO EXPERT scrubs should be applied in the evening, on a clean face. You should apply a small amount of scrub on skin (avoiding the area around the eyes and mouth), pat and leave for the night. In the morning face should be washed. The frequency of application depends on the needs and tolerance of the skin. Products can be applied every day or every 2-3 days. It should not be used on damaged skin or fresh scars. To prevent from discolorations, during treatment and three weeks after its, you should definitely avoid excessive exposure to the sun and do not use the solarium. Therefore, it is recommended to protect the skin with cream with SPF 30 UV protection during day.
Anti Acne Normalizing Acid Night Scrub is recommended for oily and acne skin, with excessively secreted sebum, enlarged pores, imperfections and acne scars. Scrub contains mandelic acid (3%), which has exfoliating and antibacterial properties and it brightens acne scars and evens skin tone. Shikimic acid (1%) has antibacterial properties and complex regulating sebum secretion normalizes sebaceous glands and narrows pores. Scrub also contains lactobionic acid (2%), prebiotic and panthenol. Research confirms visible skin renewal after the first application. However, after 7 days of treatment, tendency to imperfections is reduced, the pores are cleaned and narrowed as well as skin colour is lightened and made even.

WHITE&BEAUTY Brightening Acid Night Scrub is recommended for skin with uneven pigmentation, freckles and discolorations. It contains mandelic acid (3%), which exfoliates the top layer of skin, lightens pigmentation and smoothes the skin as well as azelaic acid (2%) and Etioline. These components reduce the visibility of discolorations and even skin tone. They inhibit excessive activity of melanocytes and prevent the formation of new spots. The formula also contains urea and panthenol.

ANTI AGING Rejuvenating Acid Night Scrub is recommended for mature skin, with wrinkles and uneven skin tone or reduced firmness and elasticity. The formula contains lactobionic acid (3%), which has moisturizing and antioxidant properties, it activates the process of cell renewal and stimulates collagen synthesis. In turn, Matrixyl 3000 regulates the process of cell renewal. It increases the density, flexibility, and smoothness, at the same time reducing visibility and depth of wrinkles. It also prevents skin from getting slack and improves its tone and elasticity. Hydromanil provides immediate and long-term improvement of hydration of the stratum corneum. The formulation also contains a complex of AHA acids (2%, including mandelic acid) and panthenol.

Phootoprotector SPF30 Day Cream is recommended by the brand as an addition to acid scrubs treatment. The cream is recommended for daily anti-aging treatment. It gives skin protection and care during and after treatment with acid scrubs. The cream smoothes skin, gives it firmness and elasticity. It also prevents from the formation of sun spots. The cosmetic spreads well, it is absorbed quickly and leaves no white film. There will be no shine. It contains vitamin E and hydro-regenerating complex.

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