CATBOX - a stylish shelter for a cat

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

1 March 2019

It is not a secret that cats love boxes. For those whose aesthetic sense does not allow to place a cardboard box in the middle of the living room, Max Kobiela has designed CATBOX. Classic European cats as well as true aristocrats will certainly fall in love with it. CATBOX, as its name suggests, is a piece of furniture for ... a cat. Of course, the guardians’ taste is also relevant, still CATBOX will look great in the interiors decorated in different styles. It will be good in retro living room as well as in a minimalist, Scandinavian or a very modern interior.

A body with shape of a rectangular prism with a circular hole, with wooden legs is for a cat like a luxurious M1. Thanks to a jute rope, this furniture can be moved. Its form refers to the aesthetics of the 60’s, which has also been emphasized by a classic Houndstooth pattern in the middle of the pillow. There, in this functional piece of furniture, an added value is also hidden. A string inside can successfully be a ... scratcher! And if it will be worn out- the string can be easily replaced.

This unusual shelter for a cat has dimensions of 40x44x30 cm. It was made of beech wood. It is available in 4 colours: white, light gray, light beige and red. More on the manufacturers website.