Cat recycling

Text and photos: Anna Plaszczyk

1 May 2023

Controversial, ecological, fashionable - clothing more and more often defines us not only stylistically, but also ideologically. Cat and ecology lovers can easily define themselves by wearing felted jewelry made of ... cat fur.

Its hard to find or come up with decorations, that no one has ever worn before us. Jewelry made of wood, black coal, leather, gold, silver, felt, recycled elements – whatever you wish.
An interesting idea, to define ourselves by the way we complement our outfit, is the jewelry made of recycled cat fur, decorated with old watches mechanisms. In this way, we can achieve an interesting, cyberpunk effect and we can distinguish ourselves from the crowd.

Decorations made of cat fur can be found among several handmade artists all around the world. Flora Davis from San Francisco, Etsy Shop owner (, makes jewelry from the fur of her cats. Gaia and Luna are Ragamuffin cats, with long and very soft hair that can be felted easily. Flora felts balls with brushed fur and decorates them with metal wires or springs.

Heidi Abrahamson from cat fur produces decorations for ... men! You can find among them: clips for ties and cufflinks. Kate Benjamin produces necklaces for women. All are made in the same way – combed coat is felted dry or wet and it is joined together with additional jewelry.In Poland recently "cat" jewelry appeared at charity auctions for the Tara Foundation.

This jewelry is felted from Amelia and Emir, Maine Coon cats and decorated with parts of old watches. Jewelry is fully recyclable, because the jute strings are used instead of strands, which used to be the parts of the old cat climbing poles. Creator of this kind of jewelry is also the author of the blog Cat Earring. There you will be able to find a recipe for felting your own cat fur.

As to the cat jewelry, you have to remember that it is absolutely not suitable for people with allergies and it should not be worn by them. A lack of courage is also contraindication to wear such jewelry. Cat jewelry is still a controversial topic and it is often criticized as being unhygienic and even disgusting. Meanwhile, the jewelry is not only ecological, but also very, very original.