Cat Cube

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

19 March 2022

Every cat lover knows it is hard to find cat-like "furniture" that fit modern dwellings. To satisfy the need and because of the love to cats and design, Cat Cube has been introduced. It was entirely produced in Belgium.

It is extremely difficult to arrange all those furry, plush and pretty shoddy cat-like furniture in a modern style apartment. On the other hand cats prefer rather cardboard boxes than furry and plush furniture. Delphine Courier, Belgian designer, decided to reconcile the love to cats and a good design.

To create a unique Cat Cube, Delphine Courier used the geometrical form of icosahedron. The choice of material was simple since both, cats and today designers love cardboard. Additionally the cardboard is extremely lightweight, durable and, what is very important, an eco-friendly material.

Environment concerns begin at the design stage, thats why Cat Cube is manufactured from recycled paper. The lair is not glued, which greatly reduces negative impact on the environment. To make the unique printing, the organic paint was used, so the lair can be reprocessed again. In this simple way we can have the eco-friendly and modish cats lair.

Cat Cube is very easy to assemble and dissemble, so it can travel together with the cat. Cat Cube is also cheap. It is a solution for every modern interior.