Carrot juice - a vitamin bomb

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: Anna Plaszczyk

27 February 2020

Carrot juice is a real vitamin bomb. Carrot contains many minerals, it is rich in B vitamins and folic acid, and beta-carotene contained in it, blocks carcinogenic substances. In addition, carrot juice cleanses and accelerates the regeneration of the liver.

Unfortunately, not all of us like the taste of carrot juice. Even if you think that its taste is not very distinctive - do not give up drinking this healthy juice, just add other vegetables or fruits to it. The perfect addition to a carrot juice can be an apple, a cucumber or ginger. You can mix them together, add one or all of them. The final result will depend only on your own creativity and taste preferences. Cucumber makes the juice smoother and gives it a more refreshing taste. Of course, the juice will also be richer in silica, contained in cucumber. Silica has a beneficial effect on the skin, so if you have problems with your complexion - it is worth remembering about cucumbers!

An apple, on the other hand, contains fibre and vitamin C. Depending on the species and the taste of the apple, your juice can be different each day. Once sweeter, the other day sourer or more sweet and sour. On the other hand, due to the taste of ginger, the juice will be more hot, but still refreshing.

It is the best not to make fresh juice in a juicer, but rather in a squeezer. Then the fruits and vegetables do not lose their valuable vitamins!
Bon Appetit!