CampSPA hidden in the forest

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

22 September 2018

Escape from civilization combined with a stay for relaxation and beauty treatments? Modern Spa wrapped in a wild forest and meadows? The first open-air spa has been already opened in Warmia. It is CampSPA that captivates with its simplicity and ingenuity.

Search for the place for CampSPA started in January 2014 and in mid-April, in the middle of a small grove the first wooden structure was built. Nowadays, CampSPA consist of a few exceptional places: for massage, a bath under the open sky, a sauna, hammocks and a cinema. Its construction took a year. CampSPA was opened in the spring of 2015, enchants all those who are looking for a charming and unique place.

CampSPA is the result of cooperation of Madame La Mode, which was mentioned last year and Glendoria - agro-tourism, whole Poland is talking about it. The aim was to create a place that is closely connected with nature. Thats how the light, almost transparent structures- full of green were made.

In CampSPA, local, natural products are used during treatments. Massages, performed by Madame le Mode, can be done in a light, translucent Camp Spa building, but they can also be moved to a meadow, or to any other selected location. A bath in a tub under the open sky also can be relaxing. Wood-fired and surrounded by forest tub is a place ideal for an escape. Madame le Mode adds iodine-bromine therapeutic Zabłocka salt to the water. The salt softens water and it has a beneficial effect on the body.

An alternative to bath in a tub are herbal baths. This kind of ritual revitalizes, invigorates and stimulates as well as - relaxes. For her baths, Madame la Mode uses decoctions made of regional plants. These include nettle, which can strengthen when it is used in connection with chamomile, spruce needles and horsetail. A pine bath will strengthen and calm down. In CampSPA you can also take a bath in ... hay. A bath in a hay decoction is relaxing and it improves mood. Lavender in combination with brine moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens the immune system.

CampSPA also offers a unique sauna on a hill with a view of the forest. In contrast, hammocks are a place where you can enjoy silence, a book, or gossips with friends. No one has to hurry and count the time. Meanwhile, CampSPA cinema is a unique place where the show lasts 24 hours a day and the show is directed by the nature itself.

CampSPA also offers picnics with local products, dinners in Glednoria and packets including accommodation and bicycle tours. All of this is located in the village Ględy, between Olsztyn and Elbląg.