Builiding blocks for adults?

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

9 November 2021

Building blocks for adults? Why not! Building blocks develop the childs spatial imagination, hand-eye coordination and above all, they teach patience. Contrary to appearances, building blocks is a game that is not reserved just for children. Alexander Seven Stones are building blocks for adults. This unique product was invented, designed and manufactured in Poland. At the beginning, it is the design, the quality of work and the material which the blocks were made of, that attract our attention.

This wooden eco - toy for adults designed by Arkadiusz Majewski is an irrefutable proof that the human imagination has no limits. Brilliant is not only the authors idea itself but the fun as the whole; the building blocks can be arranged in various ways because each block is different. We put them one on another. It is the force of friction and the gravity that limit us. The rest depends only on our creativity and imagination. This game is not only the perfect and nice way of spending autumn evenings, its almost the perfect moment to relax, de-stress and meditate.

The author himself gives us some advise that while building this amazing blocks, we should look inside ourselves and try to find not only the inner child, but also reflect on what is the most important in life.

Operations Manual, Alexander Sevens Stones building blocks by Arkadiusz Majewski:
"What is the meaning of life and what is the most important? Everybody has asked this question once. Love or Friendship? Knowledge or Work? Family, Truth, Respect or Faith? Name seven of the most important things for you. And then try to build something beautiful with this. Try to find a balance. If you do not succeed, try again. And again just like in life, you will succeed if you have a little luck and a lot of patience. And just like in life, you will never have two, the same days, so you will never build blocks in the same way, twice. And each next step is a consequence of the previous one. "

Last year Alexander Sevens Stones building blocks won Gifts of the year prize. This year, they get must have from Poland. Still wondering if you want to buy them?
There is nothing to think over, you just have to have them!

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