Buckle Lucky Lock

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

2 November 2021

You get in the car and automatically you put your bag on the seat next to you. Very often at the first heavy braking, it changes its position and lands ....on the floor. Thanks to the buckle Lucky Lock, things in your car remain always in the right place.

During the drive, we put the bag on the seat next to us, because we want to have everything at hand. This behavior is typical for both men and women.When the bag is open, at the first braking not only the bag itself, but all of its content lands on the floor of the car.

At the next traffic lights, we try to pick up everything in a hurry, to put it back on seat. This habit has been noticed by the thieves as well. Police in Poland investigate thousands of cases connected with stealing bags from the car standing in a traffic or at a red light.

Paradoxically the author of the buckle Lucky Lock, is a man - Arkadiusz Majewski. He used to have a bag which carried a laptop - his work tool. This equipment landed on the floor of the car repeatedly, but it was only the fear of theft, that made him to do something about it.The buckle - Lucky Lock is the result of his work. This simple device secures our stuff before damage during the fall or theft.

Simply fasten the belt of your bag with the buckle, and then put the buckle in grips of the seat belts. Lucky Lock buckle will also be useful for all lovers of dogs and cats. In this case, it is sufficient that your pet leash will be attached with buckle.

While transporting cats, if they are not afraid to ride a car, and the distance is small, we can safely use the Lucky Lock. However, at greater distances it would be better to secure the animal in a transporter.

To sum up : Lucky Lock is the only device on the market, which can protect you against:
– Thefts of the bag from the front seat of the car
– Sliding off the bag while braking
– Spilling the contents of bags/purses in the car
– Signal reminding that the passenger seat belt is not fastened, if the weight of the bag exceeds 5kg.

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