Bifunctional cycling coat

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

30 March 2017

Vaude does not only create eco fashion but it also sets trends in the sports wear design. The cycling coat Tiranes is another example of the sportswear that may be not only functional but also stylish.

The rain ponchos and coats for cycling in the rain are proven and effective alternatives of the classical rain-proof solutions. The most important advantage of the poncho is that we can wear it on all kinds of clothes. The same properties have the currently fashionable ponchos made of luxurious materials. They are warm, suit almost every outfit and provide the elegant look even in the cold days.

Vaude decided to combine those properties of poncho adjusting them to the needs of the urban cyclists who do not accept compromises when it comes to ecology and fashion. This is how the Tirano coat was created.

During colder days there is no need to check the weather forecasts all the time before setting off. The two-sided coat will make the user prepared for everything. On one hand the coat is made of the elegant mixture of the merinos wool which looks really classy in the urban streets. However, if the weather surprises us with rain – we turn the coat. The softshell protects us from rain and the wool on the lining will keep our bodies warm.

The waterproof material used is the soft EcoFinish. The coat has the reflective elements which increase the visibility of the cyclist on the road in difficult weather conditions and in the dark. The strongly cut hood fits the helmet perfectly. The internal belts placed in the sleeves protect them from raising during the ride.