Text: anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

26 November 2020

Potty made of rice husks and bamboo waste? Ecological pet bowls, which can be buried in the garden and left to decompose after use? And all this without petroleum derivatives, artificial colourings or BPA.

BecoThings – a wide range of products made in about 80% of bamboo waste and rice husks, produced with the use of a special technology and without any chemicals. In this way, the fibres were given a new life instead of finishing up at the rubbish dump. BecoThings include bedding for dogs and cats, made from 100% recycled plastic PET bottles. Paddles for food and the cuvettes are made of bamboo fibres and rice husks. Pet toys obtained through recycling (again – rice husks and bamboo). Owing to that we can be sure that they will not do any harm to our pets.

The "human" collection of BecoThings includes potties for children, made from plant waste or stairs for children, useful especially in the bathroom. BecoThings means also great cookware sets for small children or finally hangers made of recycled cardboard.

All BecoThings dishes can be washed in the dishwashers. The manufacturer ensures that they can be buried in the garden after use – there should not be any trace of them within three years time. An important advantage of BecoThings products is their unique ecological and unimposing aesthetics. Chamber-pots, dishes for children, pet bowls or toys for them are produced in soft, non-aggressive colours. They are also characterized by a very modern design.

BecoBowl bowls for dogs and cats have a shape that helps to eat from them. In 2009, they received the first prize of Glee Petindex in the category of a New Product. In the BecoBowl collection there are also Slow Feed bowls, which, thanks to a special barrier" in the middle of the bowl, make the animals not to swallow food too fast.