Bali- Paradise not only for lovers of surfing.

Text and photos: Mariola Weindich-Mašek

26 December 2021

Bali is one of the most frequently visited Indonesian islands. This popularity is primarily due to beautiful views and the exceptional beauty of its beaches. What really counts is the fact that Bali is the easiest way to get to other islands of Indonesia - Java, Lombok or Gili Islands.

Bali is one of 17508 islands of Indonesia. Until now, over 6,000 of them still remain uninhabited. The most famous and also the most frequently visited city on Bali is Denpasar. In Kuta- its tourist district, you can meet travelers from all over the world. There is nothing surprising in this fact - infrastructure in this part of Denpasar is developed very well. Hotels, restaurants, bars, discos, shops provide entertainment for tourists and for the residents of Bali - work and money.

Kuta is the perfect place for surfers, especially for the beginners. The beach is sandy here, and the conditions are ideal to start the adventure with this sport. You do not have to worry about your safety -the waves perfect for surfing are formed near the shore. At every step, there are rentals on the beach. You can also take advantage of an instructors help who, for very little money, will teach you everything from scratch. It is also an ideal place for children to learn surfing - just for safety reasons.

Of course, there are a lot of true lovers of surfing who glide over the waves along the beach. Those who feel confident on the board, may choose Nusa Dua. Its a real paradise for surfers. This peninsula is known throughout the world. It is visited by the worlds best surfers, such as Kelly Slater. Other places, especially recommended by professionals are Padand Padang, Uluwatu or Drem Beach, where even at the sunset you can go wild on the waves.

Are you not the lovers of surfing? Do you adore mountaineering expeditions? It is the best to go deep into the island for trekking. Here, there are the famous Balinese volcanoes - Gunung Batur and Gunung Agung. At the foot of the volcanoes you will find hotels where you can not only find an accommodation with stunning views, but also a guide. Many small agencies offer volcanoes trekking. You can even buy a one-to-one tour that can fit your requirements and skills.

Bali has many faces. It combines the element of water and fire, the spirit of Hinduism and global influences which are getting bigger and bigger. But regardless of all - this is one of our favourite places in the world.