Aqua Dome

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

17 March 2021

Aqua Dome is a unique place for the lovers of winter, active recreation as well as wellness and SPA. Aqua Dome Resort is located in Austria, in the highlands landscape of the Ötztal valley. Hot springs of the best thermal resort in Alps put visitors in the wonderful mood of relaxation, but the equipment of the complex makes your holidays in Austria unforgettable.

The complex covers area of 50,000 square meters in total, where everyone will find something for oneself. All year round, you can take a bath in two pools with thermal water which temperature is 34-36 Celsius degrees, and it is pumped from a depth of 1865m. For kids there are two separate pools, 90 meter slide and a fantastic rooms for playing. Here children can climb, watch movies in a large cinema Cybermaus and do some DIY in the room of creative animation.

Outside the complex there are three pools, in the form of bowls, connected with each other. Their design has become an recognizable architectural symbol of the area.
These swimming pools consist of hydro massage pool, sulphuric pool, which every 15 minutes is filled with pure sulphur water, as well as brine pool with the 5% of salt content, underwater music and extraordinary lighting effects.

Aqua Dome is a place where every fan of physical activity can find something for himself. There in the summer, you can not only relax in thermal springs, but also explore the area. For all active people there are waiting 1300 km of roads for hiking and 852 km of marked cycling paths, numerous lakes and waterfalls. There is a reason that almost 70 km long valley is described in superlatives.

As in the summer there is a lot of opportunities in the winter. 150 km of trails for lovers of cross-country, numerous toboggan runs and 220km of ski runs, with cutting-edge ski lifts make that in the winter the valley turns into a real paradise for lovers of winter sports.

All guests of AQUA DOME have guaranteed a free shuttle from the hotel to the nearest ski slope. On site there is also a possibility to rent equipment and purchase individual ski courses for both children and adults.
We highly recommend!