Unique cottage in Alps

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: Flavio Pesamosca

13 August 2022

This unique cottage at the top of the Alps is available to anyone, and what is more – for free. However, you need to overcome the height of over 2,500 meters to enjoy it. Indeed, the cottage is located on the top of Foronon del Buinz Mountain, which is 2,531 meters above the sea level. This hotel, with probably the most beautiful view in the world, is available completely free of charge to anyone who reaches it. It was built at the top of the mountain by the family of 34-year-old Luca Vuerich – the climber who was killed in an avalanche in 2010.

The unusual mountain chalet was designed in honor of the mountaineer by Giovanni Pesamosca. This unique place was located on the Ceria-Merlon trail and opened for tourists and lovers of the mountains in 2012.Due to the steep roof structure, the snow does not accumulate on it. The exit is located on the south side and it is cleared by itself— owing to the sun on the mountain peak, the snow melts at the door of the shelter in the day, even during the cold winters.

Because of the height of the construction, the materials used to build the shelter were brought by the helicopter. It had to do 18 courses to bring everything necessary to the creation of a safe shelter.

It was built by 12 professionals, the volunteers of Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue and the climbers friends. Owing to all of them, this 16-meter "hotel" was built in one day. Similar cabins may be found in many places in the Alps. None of them, however, was put up so high. Furthermore, not all of them are for free. The one located uppermost in the Alps holds 9 beds.