A visit to the Zoo

Text and photos: Mariola Weindich-Mašek

19 April 2017

A long weekend is coming those who decide to stay at home we will suggest where in Silesia you can have a real great time with your children. We start with the curiosities in Silesia, because its our place on Earth. It is where Mariola Weindich-Mašek, the chief editor of portal- active&eco comes from. We start discovering Silesia anew from Chorzów.

The Silesian Zoological Garden, next to the Silesian Amusement Park, belongs to the largest and the most famous attractions of Voivodship Park of Culture and Recreation. It occupies an area of 47 hectares and is the third biggest Zoological Garden in Poland.While going to the zoo with a small child without the baby carriage, you do not need to worry that your kid will quickly get tired and will complain about sore feet. For the little ones right at the main gate you can rent wooden cars, looking like the ancient carts. Thanks to them the trip will be not only less tiring, but also much more attractive.

A visit to the Zoo is a combination of both work and pleasure. A well-planned one can bring huge benefits and a healthy dose of knowledge of the animal world. Not just for kids - for YOU as well. Information boards that are in the zoo, are a great tool for educational game.By viewing the wildlife that in Silesian Zoological Garden is almost close at hand, the children will quickly remember important information on the characteristics of the species or the place the animal comes from. Stop at these boards, read them aloud, explain, write down important information, do photos and keep checking how many of them your kids have learned without any effort.

And there is so much to see and so much to learn about! At present, there are about 350 different species of animals in the Silesian Zoological Garden. Among them there are these "ordinary", well known to us, but we can easily find exotic species such as elephants, Amur tiger (Siberian tiger), macaws, cheetahs, alligators, crocodiles, hippos or anacondas. During the walk it is worth to spice up the childrens time visiting the mini-zoo. There they could, of course, under the supervision of staff, have a direct contact with the gentle animals.

If a child wants to take care of an exotic pet - you can help him/her. And even though the animals from the Garden can not be taken away or bought – still they can be adopted. It does not cost much. If you make a deal with your child, that he/she will put aside their pocket money for this purpose- you will not only help to support your pet, but also you will teach your kid how to behave responsibly. Detailed information about sponsorship and adoption are listed here

Another childrens favourite place in the Silesian Zoological Garden is the Dinosaur Valley- the only such an exhibition of extinct reptiles in Europe. While entering the valley you should necessarily be equipped with cameras and books with information about dinosaurs. Imagination and curiosity of children is increasing in this place at breathtaking speed.Mini Rope Park Zoolandia is the latest investment, which was established in the garden. The park is intended for children from 3 to 12 years of age. Children overcome here a simple, colourful rope obstacles, suspended between tree houses and stilts. Fun takes place at the height of 1.5-3 m, and the certified grids are here to protect against falls from a height.

The Silesian Zoological Garden is open daily from May to September from 9:00-19:00, while the pavilions are open 15 minutes shorter. The ticket booth are open until 18:00. Ticket prices (from April, 1-st to October, 31-st) are: 15 zł - normal ticket, 8zł- discount ticket, 38 zł- family ticket for two adults and two children over 3 years.