A Smartwatch To Fight Childhood Obesity

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

16 January 2018

Childhood obesity is a global issue. For some age groups, its estimated to affect as high as 20 percent (WHO figures). However, were yet to see lifestyle technology that can combat this problem effectively.

Miiya is a dedicated smart watch for children to track movement and promote exercise, in the style of activity trackers for adults. It establishes a target of one hour of physical activity, as recommended by the WHO guidelines.

Key Features:

- Miiya measures kids Inactivity / moderate activity / vigorous activity. Every period, Miiya determines the current state and will aggregate the total activity time.
- Superhero interactivity: the more exercise the kids get, the quicker their Miiya will become a superhero.
- After you achieve Superhero status, quests become available, to further motivate children.
- There is a complementary smartphone app for parents to see how much exercise their kids are getting.

Miiyas algorithm detects the kind of activity the child is doing and aggregates the time for each type of activity each day. The smart watch uses a 9-axis IMU to assess bodily movement, filtering frequencies generated by the human body. When the child is active, Miiya will analyze the intensity level of the signal to determine if current physical activity is low, moderate or intense. Miiya is a product from Enerban, founded by two Belgian brothers Nicolas and Frédéric Bruneau. Their interest in a healthcare company grew out of their own personal experiences as fathers, and their concern for the futures of their children.

"Becoming a dad was an amazing undertaking. After a first entrepreneurial experience in energy sector, I decided to create technologies and products to make the life of my children easier. Thats why I founded Miiya with my brother, Nicolas," Frédéric says. The founders and creators of Miiya believe that besides the ethical reasons for launching this product, this is a market ripe for a technology like Miiya.