A month to the Brave Kids – we know the countries of the child artists

Source: press release

20 May 2017

In a month the talented kids from all over the world will come to Poland as part of the project Brave Kids 2017. Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, India, the USA – these are only some of the countries which the young guests taking part in the project come from.

In this year’s Brave Kids edition will take part 164 children representing 29 groups from 17 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and both Americas. They will arrive in Poland on 17th June 2017. In our country they will take part in workshops and meetings during which they will share their artistic skills and will prepare the unusual spectacular shows including music and dances of different cultures and traditions. This year the young artists will stay in six cities: Warszawa, Wrocław, Wałbrzych, Przemyśl, Białystok and Oborniki Śląskie. They will live in homes of the Polish families. In Białystok – the new city joining the Brave Kids this year – the families are still to look for.

From the most distant parts of the world

Warsaw will host children from Romania, Russia, Iran and Poland. In Wrocław - from Kenya, the USA, Georgia and the Polish-Romani artistic groups. To Wałbrzych will come children from Morocco, Moldavia, Turkey and Poland. However Przemyśl will host children from Mexico, Poland, Ukraine and Romania. Białystok, which for the first time joined the project, will have children from Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania and Georgia.

This year, for another time, the Brave Kids will be also in Koszyce in Slovakia which will host the young artists from Poland, India, Ukraine and Brazil and the project will take place as well in the region Samtskhe-Javakheti in Georgia. – The project Brave Kids lets the child artists, sometimes from the poor environments or in a difficult situation, develop talents and share their abilities – says Justyna Warecka, the executive producer of Brave Kids. – It is also an unusual experience for the families that host the children. They very quickly develop friendships that last after finishing the visit of the young guests in our country. There are also many touching moments. Usually it is hard to say goodbye afterwards.

Finals in Wrocław

After two weeks spent in particular Polish cities „the brave kids” will come to Oborniki Śląskie near Wrocław where they will together prepare the huge final spectacle. It will be presented in The Polish Theatre in Wrocław. They will stay in our country until 11th July 2017. In the last seven editions of Brave Kids took part over 1000 children from all over the world. In the program took part 280 host families and over 280 volunteers from nine Polish cities. The project develops also abroad.

Each family that would like to host children can fill in the application form on the project website:

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