zestawZESTAW - eatable after eating

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

1 September 2017

To eat dinner, and later to eat dishes as well, in order not to wash up or not to put them in the dishwasher and not to waste your time and energy? Utopia? Not at all. Thanks to eatable dishes zestawZESTAW, invented by Martyna Ochojska, Dominika Wysogląd and Joanna Jurga, you can also enjoy the taste of your own plates!

Disposable tableware is a product that is as popular as dangerous for the environment. Three young designers: Martyn Ochojska, Dominika Wysogląd and Joanna Jurga, have decided to create a unique alternative for them. The goal was simple - ecological dishes stimulating creativity and... appetite. In this way, a zestawZESTAW was created - an edible mass to create dishes that each of us can prepare at home.

These designers closed the kitchen and they were experimenting with products that can be bought in the local store. They were drying, milling, cooking and baking. Dishes were supposed to be cheap and durable, but also fragrant and aesthetic. After a week of trials and errors they created a recipe for an ideal mixture. zestawZESTAW consist of bananas, rice flour or cooked rice, potato flour, oil and warm water.

Mixture prepared from these components allows to form not only plates, but also bowls, cups or saucers. These dishes are durable enough that soups or sauces can be served in them. The final challenge was to give the dishes beautiful, natural colours. Curcuma gave them a beautiful, intense yellow, spirulina dyed the mixture into a deep bottle green, and cocoa allowed the forms to smell so delicious that you do not really know whether to eat first the contents of the plate or the plate itself.

After the spices there came the vegetables and fruits. The designers processed beetroots, carrots, pumpkins and lemons, oranges or limes. They were drying some of them to obtain a dye powder, sometimes they took only peels, some other time they were cooking and mixing. Regardless of what was used to dye the mixture, the mixture became a tasty and creative thing, giving endless range of possibilities. Dishes, after the consumption of their content, can be eaten, or can be left for others to eat them - the birds will be rapt! As a last resort you can just throw them away, because as a natural biomass, they will quickly return to nature.

Starting with the premise that even children can be involved in the creation of these green dishes. Such a "fun" will develop their creativity and can shape the ecological attitude. Preparing dishes together can also be a good way of making the so-called poor eater to eat more willingly at a picnic on a handmade plate. And maybe later he will also eat healthy and delicious... plate?

Active&Eco will test the zestawZESTAW. The results of this "kitchen revolution" we will publish soon!