Yoga with Miamiko!

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

6 June 2017

Are you a lover of beautiful and ecological things and yoga is the most important part of life for you? You will surely fall in love with the Miamiko brand producing unique yoga mats.

Miamiko is a brand for people looking for original solutions. The process of mat production is even few months of work conducted in Poland. In Miamiko every mat production begins in the studio in which the graphical project is transferred into the canvas. Next, it is photographed – piece by piece. Then using the graphical program and the computer all the photos are put together with high resolution. The strongest point of MIAMIKO, next to perfection, are wonderful graphics of Anastazja Jarodzka.

The creators of Miamiko believe that we are all responsible for the environment – both the current one and the one that awaits our children. Already at the very beginning of designing the aim is simple – the products must be fully safe for the surrounding. That is why Miamiko are made of the materials of the highest quality. Each of them consists of two layers: the wholly biodegradable natural rubber and the microfiber layer with the printed pattern. For the printing process Miamiko uses the ecological water paints. Thanks to that Miamiko are totally safe – both for the users and the natural environment.

The thickness of mats is 3 mm – perfect for ensuring stability and comfort at low weight. Miamiko guarantees that the mats are durable and will endure many years of usage. In case of dirtying they can be washed in a washing machine.