Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

1 December 2016

Ecology and first-class design are more often meeting in clothes projects. It is the same in the project of woolen boots Baabuk, a design which was inspired by cult, russian....felt boots!

It all started with a pair of felt boots under the Christmas tree. Swiss designers have luckily understood that those are the most warm and the most ecological boots they have ever seen. They are made completely out of wool and resistent to freezing cold.

They have decided to give them a second chance with modern design and production technology.

Working out the prototypes took 2 years and their creators had given up their work at corporations for them. Within the collection we will find boots and warm slippers. Baabuks are a handmande – they are made completely out of wool. Every single Baabuk boot is made from one piece of wool. There are no seams. Thanks to that each pair is special.

Baabuk are ecological for many reasons. First of all – in their production process only water, soap and woll are used. Soles, depending on type of boots are made out of skin, rubber or recycled tires! The boots are particularly light, antibacterial and warm. Baabuk protects feet from extreme conditions even to -20 degree Celsius, and during warm weather they protect from overheating. The wool can absorb to 30% of his weight with no noticeable discomfort for the body. Simply, no artificial material can hold a candle to natural advantages of wool!

Baabuk from the very begining has put on sustainable growth. Thanks to that the production is not a hazardous to the environment, and employee rights in the suplly chain are particularly highly respected.

Baabuk boots has received ISPO 2014 award for the best outdoor shoes. Currently in Baabuks offer you can find 6 types of boots for females ( outdoor and indoor), 8 male types and 7 for children. On www.baabuk.comit will be soon possible to make an order for boots from the new collection 2014/2015.